FFC Fish Focus Forum

The Fishers For Conservation fish focus page provides a simple overview of FFC species based information.

FFC Fish Focus pages:

Shortfin Mako and Longfin Mako - Isurus oxyrinchus, Isurus paucu, Learn more and take action to ensure the future of these awesome species - Take action by the 15th Jan 2010!


Grey Mack The Grey Mackerel - Scomberomorus semifasciatus Campaign page, Help stop commercial powerhaul netting from targeting spawning populations

Photo: David Cook displays a Grey in Spawning condition

Sea Lion Marine Mammals and Recreational Fishing Information page - not fish but very important species to fishers - 'Fishing with' hints on how to enjoy, co-exist, and fish around marine mammals such as dolphins, seals and whales.

Photo: Turbo the Australian Sealion, Patricia Payne

Elephant fish andrewThe Elephant Fish - Callorhinchus milii, read about this little known and facinating species

The distinctive egg case of the Elephant Fish


OROrange Roughy - Hoplostethus atlanticus, learn about the Fish and the Fishery in the Great Australian Bight

Photo: Stephen McGowan, Australian Maritime College, 2007/Marine Photobank