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We love the experience of interacting with our natural environment and the fascination of chasing the diverse range of fishing experiences our waters have to offer (not to mention the chance of taking home a feed for the family).GT release The satisfaction of knowing you have done the right thing by the environment and future generations of fish and fishers should be part of the experience. Doing the right thing can only improve your enjoyment of recreational fishing.

Australian National Code of Practice for Recreational and Sport Fishing

Recreational fishing best practice is good for fishing, fish and the environment. The recently updated is an excellent guide to the right (and wrong) things to do when fishing. FFC along with many other groups and individuals had input into the updating of the Code publicly released on the 7th Jan 2009 coordinated by RecFish Australia. FFC distributes the Code with its Sustainable Fishing Education Packs and is able to provide printed copies to the fishing public - contact :

Sustainable Fishing Education Project

Fishers For Conservation provides fishing education written by fishers for fishers and delivered by fishers in person at boat ramps, jetties and beaches, via tackle shops, information centers and our web site.

The South Australian Sustainable Fishing Project has been operating since 2007 and information on the project is available on the project page. Print versions are available by contacting :

FFC will be extending the project to other regions of Australia and is currently developing partnerships and funding opportunities.

Australian Recreational fishing regulations

Regulations and Fisheries Department links in your Australian State or Territory

South Australia - Regulations - Fisheries - Catch limits and legal lengths

Northern Territory - Regulations - Fisheries

Western Australia - Regulations - Fisheries

Victoria - Regulations - Fisheries

Queensland - Regulations - Fisheries

New South Wales - Regulations - Fisheries

ACT - Regulations - Fisheries

Tasmania - Regulations - Fisheries - Inland

More Resources

The National Recreational Fishing Policy 1994, currently under review

A management strategy for the sustainable development of recreational fishing in South Australia A FIVE YEAR PROGRAM PREPARED BY THE RECREATIONAL FISHING INDUSTRY REVIEW COMMITTEE