About the National Steering Committee (NSC)

This group provide direction and perspective to the organisation. Their role is to inspire, lead and direct actions. All members are eligible to join the Steering Committeee.

The NSC currently meet as required to formulate and review FFC policy, actions and direction. Meetings are held via email, online private forum or phone link up to facilitate interstate and regional membership of the committee. This is an innovative, modern approach to a management committee and is designed to fit with the FFC's 'big picture' approach and facilitate involvement and input from a wide range of member interests and locations.

FFC Current Steering Committee.

Josh Coates - North Perth WA

As the founder and current secretary of FFC Josh has knowledge of the current operations of the organisation to share with other members of the committee, facilitating informed decisions regarding future direction. Josh has a lifetime of fishing experience especially in SA Metro, Yorke Peninsula and West Coast waters and also has considerable experience fishing in the NT. As a qualified marine biologist (BSc Hons), an experienced marine researcher and conservation worker Josh will bring plenty of relevant knowledge to the committee.

Matt Osbourne - Adelaide SA

Matt is a keen fisher and is currently undertaking Honours studies in marine biology at Flinders University. Matt is the Project Manager for the SA Community Based Sustainable Fishing Education Project.

David Cook - Wonga Beach Qld

David is a semi retired fisheries consultant with a number of qualifications in fishries management and with 25 yrs experience in topical Indo-Pacific fisheries. Currently David is leading a campaign to protect the Grey Mackerel in waters adjoining the Daintree. You can download and read his impressive resume here (Word format). David's knowledge and experience will make him a valuable member of the steering committee.

Patricia Payne - Baird Bay, SA

Patricia has grown up with the sea as her playground, enjoying many of the pleasures that the marine environment has to offer along the south coast of Western Australia. She was actively involved in the commercial fishing sector for 10 years on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, and amateur fishing for the larger part of her life. She is currently active and involved in marine eco tourism and has been since 1992. Patricia believe's her interactive knowledge of the sea and it's marine creatures can help benefit the forward movement of the FFC.

Cassie Burns - Ballina, NSW

Cassie began fishing South Australia’s Yorke and Eyre Peninsula’s, she moved with her family to Ballina in northern NSW and continued fishing there. These days she is busy with her position as Natural Resource Management Coordinator for WetlandCare Australia, but still gets in at least one major fishing holiday a year. She aims to continue to improve fish habitat to ensure a long and healthy future for fishing. Cassie and her fiancé, Tim, also own and run a Commercial Spanner Crab Fishing business off the NSW north coast.

Who can nominate?

Any FFC member may nominate themselves or another member for a seat on the steering committee. Nominations must be received prior to the commencement of the AGM. We encourage nomination from people of all backgrounds and level of experience in fishing and aquatic conservation.

What is the nomination and voting process?

Nominations will be received by the Secretary at: Members. A page on will be made available for candidates to outline their background and interest in the FFC steering committee positions. Voting will occur over the period of the AGM. Nominations will be announced to membership well before the AGM.

About the AGM

The FFC AGM is held over several days via a dedicated web page, email communication, email/mail voting and a final meeting summary document sent to all members. This unusual format is designed to maximise member involvement in the process regardless of physical location, work schedules etc.

So, send us an email and Nominate now to be a member of the FFC Steering Committee.