About Fishers For Conservation

Fishers For Conservation supports sustainable fishing and protection for marine, freshwater and coastal environments. It is our experience that the vast majority of recreational fishers have a strong appreciation for the beauty and value of the places they go fishing. The FFC was formed to educate and inform recreational fishers of the need to protect our fragile environments to ensure that today's and future generations can enjoy the experience of fishing, sustainably, responsibly and with care.

For those of you who are already supporters of marine conservation the FFC is here to represent you - a united voice is a strong voice!. We need to let government and the community know that there is strong support from within the recreational fishing community for initiatives such as marine protected areas, appropriate regulation of fishing (including professional fishing), ecologically based management initiatives and pollution control.

FFC supports use of tackle, techniques and practices that minimise the negative impacts of recreational fishing on the environment. We believe that the largest group of marine environment lovers in Australia (that's right us recreational fishers!) can make our positive input to the environment outweigh the negative.

Recreational fishing is just one of the many impacts that affect the waters of the world. If recreational fishers were the only users of the marine environment then most recreational fishers doing the right thing would be enough to keep our environment in good shape. As it is the worlds fisheries are in decline and many aquatic ecosystems teeter on the brink of collapse. The FFC acknowledges that the ecosystem must be treated as a whole and aims to address actions, policy and planning that affect aquatic environments - if it affects the aquatic environment it affects recreational fishing (and vice versa).

FFC was formed in 2005 with a strong membership base in South Australia. The organisation aims for national and international relevance and welcomes membership from recreational fishers wherever they may fish. Members are encouraged to have input into FFC policy and actions and to start regional chapters of the FFC to undertake local actions where needed. Positions on the board and as volunteers are open to all members regardless of location or background (or race, age, religion etc.). If you can help and want to get involved contact us now.

Objects of the association (as stated in the constitution):

i) To conserve natural environmental and ecological processes to ensure the future of sustainable recreational fishing.

ii) To promote the understanding and protection of natural ecosystems with particular regard to marine, coastal and catchment environments.

iii) To educate recreational fishers and others regarding the benefits of environment conservation and sustainable fishing practices.

iv) To undertake research related to the objects of the association.