Get Active Now for aquatic conservation

There are plenty of ways for recreational fishers and environmentalists to get involved with aquatic conservation and Fishers For Conservation (FFC).

Join FFC - Your membership will keep you informed and help support marine, freshwater and coastal conservation.

Volunteer with FFC - There are lots of ways you can help FFC, where possible we will tailor a way to help that suits you. If you want to be involved contact us now.

Support our Discarded/Lost fishing line and Stainless Steel and Alloy Hooks education campaign

Send an email to a decision maker - make you voice heard!

Educate yourself and others - read the FFC Fact sheets, read about destructive fishing practices, explore the links to information sources and other conservation groups

Email a friend - Know somebody who would be interested in this site? Maybe a workmate, relative or fishing buddy? Send them an email and let them know about this web site.

Form a Regional Chapter of Fishers for Conservation to address local issues, achieve conservation outcomes in your region and educate your community.

Let us know what you think - take a moment to fill out our online survey and let us know what you think about a range of issues (coming soon)